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Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Data for Port of Entry "4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic"

Port of Entry (Or airport):
4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic
Region of Port:
Northern Ontario Region
Data obtained for Date:
Mode of transport:
Count of travelers on that date:530

How many people pass Port of Entry 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic in a month?

When it comes to Canadian travel, one of the important ports of entry is 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic. Situated in the Northern Ontario Region region, this bustling gateway sees a significant influx of travelers every year. Serving Marine transportation, it plays a vital role in connecting the country with the rest of the world.

Traveler Volumes at 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic

In 2019-10-13, 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic recorded a total volume of 530 travelers. This data emphasizes the importance of this port as an entry point for people entering or leaving Canada through Marine transportation.

A Gateway to Canada

As travelers pass through 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic, they are welcomed with the sights and sounds of a vibrant and diverse country. The port serves as the gateway to a land filled with natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and a rich history.

Connecting Nations

4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic acts as a vital link connecting Canada with the rest of the world. Travelers arriving or departing through this port contribute to the cultural exchange and economic growth of both Canada and their home countries. It serves as a testament to the importance of international connections and the power of global travel.

Importance of 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic

The high volume of travelers passing through 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic highlights its strategic role in facilitating tourism, trade, and international relations. It serves as a hub of activity, providing essential immigration and customs services to ensure a smooth transition for visitors entering or leaving the country.

Q) How many people enter this Canadian Airport (4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic) in a month?

A) In 2019-10-13, there were 530 travelers who passed through the 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic entrance.

Q) In what region is this border crossing or port of entry?

A) 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic entrance is in 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic and accepts travelers coming by Marine.


Overall, 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic is a key player in the Canadian travel landscape. Its significance in terms of both travel volumes and the broader socio-economic impact cannot be understated. As travelers continue to embark on exciting journeys through this port, it remains an essential part of Canada's connectivity with the rest of the world.

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About This Data Set:

This data set was obtained from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and shows a list of Traveler Volumes per Canadian Port of entry. This allows you to search Port of Entry. The data set is Number of Travelers passing through 4560 - Lansdowne - Traffic in Canada. Monthly traveler volumes broken down by mode, region and port of entry for the last 5 years.