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Licence or Reg No. VESSEL NAME LENGTH Location
34109 VANITY FAIR II 7.2 Thames

This article is about UK Registered vessel and fishing boat 34109 vessel in our database. Knowing what the licence or registration number is linked to will let you know the particulars of this vessel.

UK Ship 34109 - The  VANITY FAIR II

The registration number 34109 is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to this registered vessel by the UK Environment Agency Navigation Licensing System of boats. It serves as the primary key within our dataset, allowing us to access detailed information about the particular vessel associated with it.

Examining the VANITY FAIR II Vessel Details

Let's dive into the specifics of this record by analyzing its data in our database. We have a boat with the 34109 number. This vessel operates in the Thames and holds a tariff code of Powered Boat Annual <81m Area. 

The vessel we are focusing on is named VANITY FAIR II. It has a length of 7.2 feet and a beam width of 1.7 feet. Although the exact builder remains Turks Cookham, the VANITY FAIR II was manufactured in 1968. The fishing boat is powered by 12 horsepower/KW, fueled by Diesel propellant, and its propulsion system is Inboard, utilizing 1 engine(s).

Let's explore some additional information about this vessel. The main hull color is unspecified, and it is registered with unspecified as its home port. Furthermore, the VANITY FAIR II may be associated with a fish producer organization (unspecified), . Finally, the tonnage of the vessel is unspecified.

The Waterway that 34109 is registered in

Located on the prestigious Thames in the United Kingdom, this vessel sails through some of the most renowned waters in the country. With its Powered Boat Annual <81m Area, it transports goods and offers a vital connection for businesses along this picturesque route.

Key Details about 34109

The majestic VANITY FAIR II proudly takes its place in the UK registered vessels and fishing boats' list. With its impressive 7.2 feet in length and substantial 1.7 beam, it commands attention wherever it sails. Built by the renowned builder, Turks Cookham, in year 1968, this vessel showcases exceptional craftsmanship and technological advancements.

Power and Propulsion

Equipped with a formidable 12 horsepower engine, this vessel possesses immense power. Its reliable Diesel propellant and efficient Inboard propulsion system ensure smooth navigation through the waterways. The vessel's 1 engine(s) work effortlessly to propel it forward, making it a force to be reckoned with.

34109 VANITY FAIR II 7.2

Home Port for VANITY FAIR II

The VANITY FAIR II calls unspecified its home port, adding to the charm and significance of this vessel. It serves as a base from which the vessel undertakes its adventures along the UK waterways.

FAQs about this Ship

Q: How does VANITY FAIR II contribute to the fishing industry in the UK?

A: VANITY FAIR II demonstrates the resilience and commitment of UK fishermen. With its advanced features and capabilities, it aids in sustainable fishing practices, ensuring the livelihood of local communities while safeguarding marine resources.

Q: What are the specifics of 34109 VANITY FAIR II in UK-registered vessels?

A: VANITY FAIR II runs in home port unspecified and has a length of 7.2. It was manufactured in year 1968 by Turks Cookham and had a unspecified color with a tonnage of unspecified.

Q: How can I find more detailed information about a specific UK registered vessel or fishing boat?

A: To access comprehensive details about a particular vessel, we recommend referring to official databases or contacting the relevant authorities responsible for maintaining registration records. These sources will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about the vessel.

Q: Can I use the Registration or Licence Number to track a vessel's active status?

A: The Registration or Licence Number associated with each vessel is an essential identifier within the record-keeping systems. However, it is important to note that the status of a vessel may change over time due to various factors. To obtain the most current information about a vessel's active status, it is recommended to consult the relevant authorities or the official databases.


Through our exploration of this record on ship No. 34109 from our vast open data repository, we have uncovered fascinating insights into the world of UK registered vessels and fishing boats. VANITY FAIR II, with its impressive length of  7.2 feet and remarkable features, the registration number 34109 serves as a symbol of its unique identity with the UK Environment Agency Navigation Licensing System of boats.

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About This Data Set:

This data set was obtained from UK Environment Agency Navigation Licensing System of boats and shows a list of UK Registered vessels and fishing boats. This allows you to search Registration or Licence Number. The data set is Learn about UK Registered Ship VANITY FAIR II | Reg. Number 34109 and uncover intriguing insights about this remarkable vessel, its history, specifications, and other details. Dive into a captivating exploration of VANITY FAIR II's maritime legacy on our informative page.