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Aircraft Mark Number N-355AR Data

This is our explanation and analysis of N-355AR registered aircraft in US. Focusing on the significance of the Aircraft Mark Number N-355AR. By examining the various fields within the dataset, we can gain insights into the unique attributes and characteristics of this aircraft.

Table Explaining Aircraft N-355AR

License Plate Number:N-355AR
Registration Date:20180910
Current of Previous Owner:DELAWARE TRUST CO TRUSTEE

Airplane Mark Number N-355AR by Country

The key identifier (or licence plate) from US is the Aircraft Mark Number N-355AR. Depending on the country, the number will start with N- (for USA) or C- (for Canada). other countries have similar aircraft numbers on the tail or bottom of the plane. These mark numbers serve as unique designations for individual aircraft, allowing for easy identification and tracking. They are typically assigned by aviation authorities or regulatory bodies such as the FAA or Transport Canada.

The Aircraft N-355AR

Let's focus on the specific aircraft with the mark number N-355AR, which was registered on 20180910. The aircraft features unknown engine(s) and has the serial number 5213.

It was manufactured in the year 2004 by unspecified. The model name associated with this aircraft is unknown. This gives a good indication of its classification or type of aircraft. The owner of this aircraft is DELAWARE TRUST CO TRUSTEE , with their address located at 251 LITTLE FALLS DR , WILMINGTON, DE 198081674 in US.

FAQs About Airplane Registrations:

1. Why is the Aircraft Mark Number important?

The Aircraft Mark Number is important because it allows for unambiguous identification of each registered aircraft. It enables efficient tracking, maintenance, and regulation of the aviation industry. You can use it to lookup N-355AR on our website of the FAA/Transport Canada websites.

2. Who assigned Aircraft Mark Number N-355AR?

Aircraft Mark Numbers such as N-355AR are typically assigned by aviation authorities or regulatory bodies such as the FAA or Transport Canada. These organizations follow specific guidelines and procedures to allocate unique Mark Numbers to each registered aircraft. This one was issued 20180910.

3. What is the Significance of the aircraft licence number?

The Aircraft Mark Number acts as a primary identifier, allowing aviation authorities to track and regulate each registered aircraft. This number serves various purposes, including maintenance schedules, ownership verification, and accident investigation. Optimal aircraft management relies on accurate and up-to-date Mark Numbers.

4. Who owns N-355AR?

The Aircraft N-355AR is owned by DELAWARE TRUST CO TRUSTEE of US.


This Aircraft baring Mark Number N-355AR is a 2004 unspecified. It was registered on 20180910 in US. The Mark number serves as a crucial element in the registration and identification of aircraft. This unique identifier, such as N-355AR, facilitates the administration, management, and safety measures associated with the aviation industry.

By analyzing and understanding the various fields within the registered aircraft dataset, we can gain invaluable insights into the characteristics and attributes of each aircraft.

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About This Data Set:

This data set was obtained from U.S. FAA and Transport Canada and shows a list of Registered Aircrafts. This allows you to search Aircraft Mark Number. The data set is FAA and Transport Canada data about the N-355AR aircraft explained in detail.