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Exploring the Ship Official Number

Exploring the Ship Official Number 855742

This article is about the Australia Ship Official Number 855742, a unique identifier for ships registered in Australia with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). In this article, we will delve into this particular record from our extensive database register of Australian boats and explore the significance of DREAMRUNNER and its associated fields.

Table Explaining Details for 855742 | DREAMRUNNER

Here is a table summarizing the primary details of the ship record:

Boat Field Boat Info
Official Number: 855742
IMO Number:
Length: 12 feet
Year Built: 1997

Ship Record for Official Number 855742 - DREAMRUNNER

We focus on the Australian ship DREAMRUNNER, that has captured our attention within the realm of Australian registered vessels. This ship is identified by its official number, 855742, and, if applicable, an International Maritime Organization (IMO) number, .

These identification numbers play a crucial role in uniquely distinguishing this ship from others in the ship register database in Australia.

DREAMRUNNER has a recorded length of 12 feet and was built in 1997. This ship falls under the classification of a Yacht, serving a specific purpose within the maritime industry. It is noteworthy that DREAMRUNNER operates from the home port of Fremantle, which further defines its origin and base of operations.

As of today, the Ship Official Number 855742 confirms that DREAMRUNNER's registration with AMSA is Registered. This registration status information is vital for tracking the ship's compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring its legality as a registered vessel in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is the Ship Official Number important?

The Ship Official Number holds great importance in the maritime industry as it serves as a unique identifier for each registered ship. This number allows for efficient tracking and identification of vessels, aiding in their management, regulatory compliance, and safety.

2. What is the name for the ship 855742?

The Ship Official Number 855742 corresponds to the ship named DREAMRUNNER. It's registration status with AMSA is Registered.

3. What is the length and year for for the ship 855742?

The Ship Official Number 855742 has recorded length of 12 feet and was built in 1997.

4. How can I verify a ship's registration status using the Official Number?

Verifying a ship's registration status is a straightforward process. By referencing the Ship Official Number, one can reach out to the respective regulatory authorities, such as AMSA in the case of Australian ships, and confirm a ship's registration status and related details.


In conclusion, the Ship Official Number 855742 is a fundamental component of ship registration in Australia and is given the ship named DREAMRUNNER with registration status of "Registered". Providing unique identification and facilitating smooth operations within the maritime domain, the official number enables efficient tracking, management, and regulatory compliance, ensuring ships are legally registered and safe to operate.

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About This Data Set:

This data set was obtained from Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and shows a list of Ships Registered in Australia with AMSA. This allows you to search Ship Official Number. The data set is Discover Registered Australian Ship DREAMRUNNER | Official Number 855742. Uncover intriguing insights about this remarkable vessel, its history, specifications, and other details. Dive into a captivating exploration of O.N. 855742 DREAMRUNNER's maritime legacy on our informative page.